Having beenthe Northwest Epidemic Prevention Bureau, Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd ("the company") was established in 1934. The Company nowis one of the major subsidiary biological hi-tech enterprises under China National Biotech Group Company Limited (CNBG),which is the member enterprise of SINOPHARM managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council in China. In 2013, SINOPHARM became the first and only Chinese pharmaceutical corporation which listed in the Fortune Global 500.

The company covers a total land area of 430,000 square meters and has total assets of more than three billion yuan (RMB). It is mainly engaged in development andmanufacturing of biological products (vaccines, toxins, antitoxins, blood products and human in vitro diagnostic reagents, etc.), being a key enterprise in the field of biological products in the country. It is the only large high-tech biological company in the northwestern region of the country; an important national scientific research organization in the fields of medical microbiology, immunology and molecular biology; a state-certified technical center of enterprise, a national technology innovation model companyand vaccine engineering research center of Gansu Province; a high-tech industrialized model unit of Gansu Province; a post-doctor working station under the Ministry of Personnel authorized by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council to confer Master's degree; an appointed supplier of rehabilitation drugs for the "Tomorrow Plan" Project by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, undertaking the responsibility of central reserve of biological products against emergencies, disasters and epidemics. Moreover, the company is also a training base for the National Institute of Food and Drug Control, CFDA.

Since its establishment, the company has beenalways aspromoting the health level of people for the purposeanddedicated to the research and development of biological products. It has made positive contributions to the health and epidemic prevention of Chinese peopleandyielded good economic and socialbenefits. Since thereform and opening-up from 1978 in China,the total assets of the companyincreased from 18.61 milliontomore than 3 billionRMB, which increased by 161 times; the total profit increased from 1.35 million to 420 millionRMB, which increased by 311 times. Theproductsowned by the company increased from8old varieties in the earlydays of liberation(around 1950s) to now about100 ofvarieties.The company established a perfect quality assurance system.All of the products and workshops conform to GMP standard by CFDA's inspection. The annual output ofall kinds of products is nearly 100 million doses, and these products have covered all provinces, municipal and autonomous regions in Chinaexcept Taiwan.

Since the reform and opening-up from 1978,the company has gained fruitful achievements in scientific research and 100 provincial-level orabovescientific and technological awards.Theindustrialization of scientific research achievementshas not only yielded good economic benefits, but also effectively improved the level of the biotechnology industry of China.

The company has been selected as one of top50among 100 Gansu Excellent Industry Enterprisesfor consecutive years since 2002, and also one of top 30among Top 100 Taxpayers of Gansu Provincefor consecutive years since 2007.

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